A Sampling of Previously Offered AALL Classes

Albion and the American Dream
Introduction to Computers
Peer Gynt – Ibsen’s Faust
Natural Michigan
International Cooking
Watercolor Painting
Political Rhetoric
Birds of Michigan
Stocking Your Retirement
Antiques and Collectibles
Bird watching
Elements of Opera
French Cooking
A Night at the Movies
The New Genetics
Islam and the Middle East
Applied Ethics
Fiber Arts
Michigan’s Ice Age
The Origin of the Universe
Backyard Gardening for Birds
Intermediate Computers
Three Novellas by Thomas Mann
Digital Imaging
Estate Planning
Genealogy on the Internet
Picasso and Matisse
Introduction to Tai Chi
The Magic Mountain by Mann
Amish, Mennonites and the Huttites
Quilting – Japanese Patterns
Music of the Spheres
Elections and the Media
Freedom, Liberty and Democracy
Introduction to Jazz
Water Aerobics
Relativity and Quantum Mechanics
Safaris Down Under
The Spiral Staircase
Song of the Nibelungs
Intermediate Bridge
Antiques 101
Current Issues
Quilting – Cathedral Design
First Aid/CPR
The Prophet Enoch
European Religions
The European Dream
Intermediate Word Processing
Surrealism in Europe and America
Intermediate Bridge
The Tower of Babel – Linguistics
Sing along with Ginny
Sex and Gender
Emma by Jane Austen
Everyday Physics
Our Town – Issues in Albion
Death and Dying
Concert Music
The Current Economic Crisis
Tai Chi
The Federal Reserve
The 2008 Election Campaigns
The Sons of Abraham
Symbolic Manipulation in Politics
Moby Dick
Making Raku Pottery
Shakespeare: Henry V and Macbeth
Beginning Photography
Lighthouses – Great Lakes and Japan
Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom!
The Marx Brothers
British Narrative Painting
German Lyric Poems
Ballroom and Folk Dance
Ceramic Arts
Water Aerobics
Goethe’s Faust
A Walk Down Wall Street
Jazz Appreciation I and II
Shalom, Salaam, Peace
Particle Physics
Music of the British Isles Wrenched by “the Pity of War” 1890-1960
Gustav Mahler: Songs into Symphonies
Lesser Known Gems of 20th Century American Composers